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Our Vision

Offering integrated drink basket with high quality for consumers from several countries, through our partners via a spider distribution net around the world.

Raising investment income to standard levels and magnifying the sale value for the company portion in the market of money and work.

Our Values

  • Serving the homeland comes at top of our moral values.
  • To be always ahead.
  • Achieving the high quality.
  • Variety in products.
  • Distinguished from others through moral competition.
  • Achieving job Security.
  • Customer's Satisfaction.
  • Taking care of competencies and high productive people.
  • Supporting the value of group work.

Plan of the company in the next stage explained by the following points:

  • Applying programs for raising the productive level and developing the competencies of the working forces in the company.
  • Applying regular maintenance programs for equipments and machines, and providing the production and sales with new equipments and cars instead of the consumed ones .
  • Exerting all efforts to get the Certificate of the Production characteristic (GMP) and supporting and keeping the high quality of the product.
  • We have an ambitious working program which aims at the multiplication of the production through providing work with new production lines and increasing work and improving performance methods ,in order to meet the increasing demand.
  • In addition, we aim to widen the company sale web through increasing the numbers of the delegates and improving the performance methods, and providing the Sale management with cars and additional equipments.
  • An ambitious working program was designed, which includes marketing and advertising for all consumption levels in the market, A participle fiancĂ© was devoted to this program.
  • One of the most important elements of the general plan is establishing a special information department, which aims to collect information and strong handling it of which everything that is relates to the constraints of the external market.